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ProRa dispose of the newest rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technologies.

The protoype requested could be conceptual, useful for the designer to verify an idea, functional for assembling and operation tests, aesthetic for marketing to help check the market's reaction to the new proposes, for expositions, faire or catalogues.

It can be small series to check the object before its production and to anticipate or replace the traditional production processes.

We are also able to realize prototype and small series in aluminium and brass using investment casting technology (metal part casting).

Our objective is to guide the customer during the whole product's development process, intervening in every phase and advising him about the best technological choice for his specific needs.

Selective laser sintering - sls

The building process uses a laser radiation as the stereolythography, but in this case the building material, nylon more

Vacuum casting and RIM

With the vacuum casting technique is possible to obtain, through silicon or resin moulds, a small series of objects more

FDM technology

FDM technology allow to create both aesthetical and functional prototypes. Furthermore, due to the great mechanical more

Investment casting

With the technology of metal part casting is possible to realize pieces with definitive materials and with few more


The stereolithography is based on the photo-polymerization of liquid resin, restrained in a pool, sensitive to the more

CNC machining

Through milling and lathe machines we are able to realize parts in both metal and plastic, eventually accompained more


On our parts we can realize several surfaces finishing like painting with RAL or Pantone codes, metal plating and more

Scale models

ProRa realize scale models of plants, machines and architectural structure. Scale models are used to present new more